Yoga with the Asian Women’s Group at the Geffrye

Phew! Just  managed to cycle back from the Geffrye Museum this lunchtime before the heavens opened and so avoid getting drenched.

So, my first class with Julie Begum and her enthusiastic group of Asian women!  The  group was set up as part of the Geffrye’s community programme and for the past three years they have been meeting each Wednesday to share learning and other activities in the splendid setting of the Museum and its gardens.

The yoga sessions were to be something of an experiment – for me and for them – as I had never before taught such a large group who were a) new to yoga and b) not all english speakers.  How best to communicate the fundamentals of yoga practice without relying so much on words? Would I be able to  keep the classes fun and interesting so that the participants could take away what they had learned for self practice?

Having pondered much, I decided to adopt an experimental and free approach to the teaching.  So using  a combination of music, voice tone and body language to set the mood and get abstract ideas across; and going with the flow of the group rather than planning the class too much in advance.

And so far so good!  Julie and the group made we feel very welcome – though I was disappointed to have been pipped at the post for the last of the pancakes brought in by one of the women in a gesture of post pancake day hospitality!  Plainly I will have to be quicker off the mark next time that treats are available…