Late spring on the allotment

The high winds and lashing rain of early Spring meant that our allotment got off to a slow start this year.  Venturing out for the first time today we were met with alot of grey mud until we spied an upturned plastic bin, hastily applied in January to a patch of rhubarb.   And so, as if by magic, a burst of vibrant pink and yellow erupted into view!

forced rhubarb from the allotment

forced rhubarb a glorious site this cold, wet spring

This early rhubarb is far sweeter than its tart elder sister that has not been cosseted by being kept covered over winter.  So it needs only some freshly squeezed orange and a sprinkling of brown sugar before being roaste on a high heat until it is just tender, and not overwilted.

A more exotic variation can be realised with the addition of a bay leaf or two and some crushed cardomon.  These two add a subtle undertone that lift it of  nursery pudding fayre.

It needs nothing more than a dollop of rich greek yogurt and a few toasted almonds to create a sumptuous dessert