mindfulness meditation and yoga class at St Hilda's East community centre, East London

Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops can compliment the “one size fits all” approach of regular group classes by providing the opportunity to focus on specific areas of practice.


Key Principles of Yoga Practice

A series of four workshops aimed at introducing students to the building blocks of a yoga practice with a view to their developing a personal yoga plan. The series is suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

In each of the workshops we will:

  • explore one or more themes that underlie the practice of yoga;
  • look at these themes within the context of classic yoga asanas or postures;
  • work towards the development of an individual yoga practice for each student.

In this workshop we will look at various ways in which the breath is used in yoga, including breathing to relax the mind and body, breathing for awareness, the synchronisation of breath and movement and specific breath control and expansion techniques (pranayama).

Rooting, elongation and an introduction to the bandhas
In contrast to the breathing workshop, in this session we will focus on the physical aspects of yoga asana and the spine including how to sit, stand and move with ease and an absence of tension.

Centering, Yin Yang and the harmony of opposites 
In this workshop we will look at yoga as a way of bringing balance and harmony, including physical harmony, the correction of postural imbalance and whole body awareness.

Relaxing the body, relaxing the mind and the art of doing nothing  
Hopefully this one speaks for itself!   With an introduction to mindfulness meditation its about yoga as a way of accepting where you are are the moment – giving up the struggle to become better/achieve more– not just in yoga but in our daily lives.

Summer 2014

Key Principles of Yoga Practice

11 and 18 August

8 and 15 September

Wighton village hall 5.15-6.45 pm.  £30 for all four sessions  Must be booked in advance.

This course is now fully booked. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for the next course, please send me an email


For further information and details of dates and venue of next course contact:

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